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A4clinics™ - A novel diagnostic system for aortic aneurysms, designed for in-depth analysis of patient-specific vascular formations. The system integrates the latest technology and scientific findings; it is the perfect tool to assist aneurysm screening. A4clinics™ is entirely feasible to analyze realistic models on standard PCs


The user interfaces are easily accessible to gain optimally from the software with a minimum on training. A4clinics™ is designed for users without an engineering background and offers support and trainings options.

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A4clinics™ assists Vascular Surgeons and Intervention Radiologists in decisions on treatment of life
threatening Abdomen Aortic Aneurysms (AAA).
The software performs a patient-specific rupture risk assessment that supports your decision to intervene.


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A4clinics™ Peak Wall Rupture Risk- PWRR™

Features & Benefits

The patented* functionality of A4clinics™ includes: import of patient data, detection of vascular bodies, meshing and biomechanical analysis.

Import of patient data. A4clinics™ requests data related to arterial pressure, age, gender and family history together with the Computer Tomography CT images of the individual patient.

The CT DICOM images can be loaded either through direct connection to your hospital Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) or CD-ROM / DVD or USB stick.

Semi automatic detection of vascular bodies. In order to calculate the rupture risk of the AAA, A4clinics™ segments the aneurysm's lumen, thrombus and wall from the CT images.

This active segmentation tool ensures that stress artifacts during the biomechanical analysis stage are eliminated.

Biomechanical analysis. The biomechanical analysis integrates recent scientific findings with the patient-specific data and calculates a patient-specificPeak Wall Rupture Risk (PWRR), i.e. a proven AAA rupture risk index.

The final result is clearly displayed and can be blended together with the anatomical CT data, providing a valuable 3D overview of area's at high risk of rupture.

(* File patent nr. No. PCT/EP2008/064157, VASCOPS GmbH)


A4clinics features & benefits summary

Automatic measuring device
Derivation of patient-specific geometrical and mechanical determinants
Identification of high-risk aneurysms
Follow-up of aneurysm growth
Objective comparison amongst aneurysms
Comprehensive analysis report
Model development and analyses within a few minutes
Image reconstruction and biomechanical analysis within one product
User-independent results due to automatic algorithms and segmentation with active contour models
Extensive 3D visualization options and impressive animations
Specialized education, training and support
Automatic product updates

Clinical Application

Early screening of AAA patients
Patient-specific risk assessment
Automatic measuring device
Translation of individual patients with respect to mean population data


Box: A4clinics summary

A4clinics Basis Package description

Patient specific rupture risk assessment

Online training and support

Semi-automatic segmentation of thrombus, lumen and aortic wall

Uses standard PC technology

Automatic and objective measuring device

Flexible software licensing scheme’s

Modality vendor neutral using universal DICOM standards

Easy installation and upgrades through internet

Complete analysis with a few minutes

Different support levels

Technical Requirements

A4clinics™ has been developed for WINDOWS 64Bit platforms (7, 10) with OpenGL user interface. The Finite Element solver fits the INTEL processor family and uses multiprocessor architecture if available. A4clinics™ requires a minimum of 4 Gb RAM. It does not require a special graphics card and it is recommended to work with two screens. The software requires a connection to the internet and particularly recommended system components are as follows:

Intel(c) Pentium N3530 Processor
4GB DDR2 Dual Channel Memory
NVIDIA graphics card
160 GB Hard Drive (7200 rpm)
48x CDRW/DVD Drive
3 button mouse with wheel (mandatory)
Internet Explorer 10
Broad band internet access (2 Mbit/s ups /1 Mbit/s downs)

Service & Support

VASCOPS is committed to provide excellent support for their customers and has a wide variety of training and support tools available online. Your purchase of the A4clinics™ software comes standard with a bronze support contract which can be extended by additional services like installation, training, support to even provided consultancy for specific case analysis.
Installation services. As standard the purchased A4clinics™ software can be downloaded from our website and automatic license activation is all possible using the internet connection. However we are pleased to offer additional installation services which can vary from remote help & configuration (silver support level) to local installation of your existing PC (gold support level).
Training. A standard range of tutorials alongside a manual how to use is included in the bronze support package. Additional we are able to train your department using either private web cast sessions or personal training within your hospital.
Please tell us your personal training needs for A4clinics™ as we would like to accommodate this in a cost efficient manner.
Support. Although A4clinics™ is using an internet connection to obtain automatic updates the standard support package (bronze) can be extended with a higher level support (silver or gold) tailored to your specific support requirements.
Our highly trained support desk can be contacted to address any support issues which you might have during installation, updates & upgrades or any technical question.

For gold level customers we even go one step further by allocating our research staff for consultation on your specific AAA case and any latest developments in biomechanics and image reconstructions which might be helpful for your cases.